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Orlando Fishing Expectations

Orlando Fishing Expectations and What To Expect

This section will answer most of your questions about where we fish and how we operate. It includes information on local lodging, fishing licenses, what to bring and using live bait or artificial lures.

Where We Fish…

Orlando Fishing ExpectationsWe fish a number of Florida’s best big bass lakes depending upon weather conditions, lake levels, time of year and other factors affecting fish behavior.

Majority of the time we are fishing Kissimmee Chain, which is about 25 minutes from the Disney World/Orlando i-drive area. Lake Toho, the top lake in the chain, has been hot for quite a few years. Even though B.A.S.S. Top Pros broke all kinds of records, for most fish over 10 pounds, biggest one day weight, and biggest four day total. At different times of the year other parts of the chain can get HOTTER than a firecracker and yield great catches also.

Lake Walk-In-The-Water is another place that can yield a catch of a lifetime and we are proud to say we know where the big ones live on such a beautiful lake.

We also fish the Stick Marsh/Farm 13 area about 1 hour 15 minutes from Orlando.

We at Central Florida Bass Fishing Guide Service believe in doing what it takes to help you reach your goal for your trip and if that requires we drive a little to get to a hotter lake so be it…that’s we will do!

What about Lodging…

We have great rates with all of our area hotels and offer discounted package fishing trips as well as complete fishing vacation packages…call to inquire or click here to view our partners in lodging!

To the Lake

For your day of fishing, we’ll meet you at the lake or at your discretion, we’ll pick you up from your hotel. We can personalize these arrangements to meet your needs.

After meeting, we will stop for bait (if applicable), lunch goods and snacks, drinks or any other items you may desire. Leaving enough time to be on the water as close to daylight as possible. The start time will be suggested, but we are always very flexible to your schedule and needs.

Once on the lake, your time starts, we’ll fish 2, 4, 6 or a full 8 hours.

*A state fishing license is required. Rates are as follows:

  • $17.00 – Nonresident 3-day freshwater fishing
  • $30.00 – Nonresident 7-day freshwater fishing
  • $47.00 – Nonresident 12-month freshwater fishing
  • $17.00 – Resident 12-month freshwater fishing
  • Buy your Fishing License Online

What to Bring…

  • STILL CAMERA – With lots of room for more pictures.
  • VIDEO CAMERA – If you have one, we will gladly film some of the action for you.
  • RAIN SUIT – We have extras, but they may not always fit properly.
  • SUNSCREEN – Yes, even in winter.
  • EXTRA CHANGE OF CLOTHES – Just as a precaution. It’s better to have them and not need them than to need them and not have them.
  • POLARIZED SUNGLASSES – Reduces glare and helps to see those bass!

Artificial or Live Bait…

Our desire is to help you reach your goal. It will help us in preparing the proper equipment for your trip to know what your desires for the trip are, so please let us know in advance.

If you are highly skilled or want an instructional trip, or just prefer to catch bass on artificial baits, then just let us know. Coming from a professional tournament back ground I am sure I can take care of your needs. If it is your desire to catch a trophy bass of 10 pounds or more, then we recommend using live bait. Live wild Golden Shiners from 6 to 12 inches in length are the #1 bait for big bass in Florida. Although they are somewhat expensive (about $15-$20 per dozen depending on the season) nothing fools a big bass like they do.

If you elect to have a trophy fish mounted, we can assist you with a local taxidermist for the production of a fiberglass replica of your fish!

Does the Guide Fish?

The #1 complaint we hear from customers who have fished with other guides on a Orlando fishing expectations is that “The guides caught all the fish.” Some guides measure their success by how many bass came in the boat.

We hear it almost daily back at the ramp when a guide says, “We caught 38 today.” What he really means to say is, the client caught 3, the guide caught 35. This is not our purpose or our intent.
We only fish to instruct and build confidence in the patterns we are fishing. All of our guides will be glad to put our rods away at anytime, just let us know.

If you are using live bait, we do not fish. Live bait doesn’t need any help; the shiners do all the work. If you’re using artificial bait, or the bass appear to be sluggish, we fish for several reasons:

  1. To locate bass and establish a pattern for the day.

  2. If we catch a bass or two-first thing off, it will build your confidence in the area we are fishing and the type of bait being used.

  3. To monitor movement of the fish, bait preference and changing patterns throughout the day to maximize your day on the water.

At no time do we ever try to out-fish our clients. You can rest assured, you will always have full access to the area being fished, and our full and undivided attention in helping you catch the fish, not us.

Orlando Fishing

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